What to do after i've been scammed?

  1. Take a deep breath, think about what has just happened - and retrace your steps.
  2. What information or access did I give out to someone?
  3. Do they have access to my computer or did I just answer a phone call?
  4. Did I receive any SMS codes etc asking me to do something?

Depending on your answers, the first point of action would be to figure out what information was shared with the threat-actors and change it.

If you gave them access to your computer, you need to engage a cyber-security expert such as Secure Plus - call us on 1300 64 34 64.

If they were given access to your bank accounts online, then we highly recommend calling your bank immediately. 

For your convenience trusted Bank numbers are below:

Bankwest: 13 17 19

Westpac: 13 20 32

National Australia Bank (NAB) : 13 22 65

Commonwealth (commbank): 13 22 21

ANZ: 13 13 14

St George: 13 33 30

Bank of Melbourne: 13 33 22

“When in doubt, turn your device off and call Secure Plus for further instructions.“

Secure Plus Technicians